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Anti-Aging Exercise

You are already using anti-aging products, but did you know there is another natural way of making your skin shine like porcelain? That natural way is something you already have- your body!

Researchers studied a range of adults from 20-84 and found that active exercisers over the age of 40 had more supple and elastic skin as compared to people in the 20s-30s. Cardio exercises that require endurance such as swimming, running, cycling have proven to be more effective in cell regenerative effects as compared to exercises such as weightlifting. However, if these activities are too much of a hassle to get out of the house for you, these are some simple workouts you could do at home.


The regular crowd does not fancy Burpees, but it is one of the most effective ways to burn off those fat while also conditioning your muscles. Burpees count as a full body intense exercise, and 30 a day over a long period of time should be sufficient.

To perform a basic Burpee:

- Begin in a squat position with your hands in front of you

- Kick your feet backwards to push up position

- Recover back immediately to the first position

- Jump as high as possible from that position

- Return to first position and repeat

Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is another high intensity workout that can get you dripping like the fountain of youth within minutes. Ten minutes of rope skipping could be considered roughly the equivalent of running an eight-minute mile. The exercise uses your abdominal to stabilize the body and legs, shoulder, arms for skipping the rope. It would be advisable to skip for at least 15 -25 minutes 3 times a week. Definitely something to count as one effective anti-aging exercise.

Aerobic strength circuit

Unlike the rope skipping that uses speed to strengthen your arms and legs, this work out pushes you to condition your body muscles and increase your heart rate at the same time.

In 1 minute, attempt these exercises to do as many reps you can

- Squats

- Lunges

- Torso twist

- Dips

- Push ups

Repeat this circuit 2-3 times with a break in between (but not more than 5 minutes or your body will cool down)

Jumping Jacks

Another no equipment easy workout exercise, jumping jacks burn about 100 calories in 10 minutes. There are variations to this workout such as plyo-jacks which is squatting then jumping into the air. This is a good exercise to add if you are thinking of having a workout circuit.

Spin Class

Riding on the new wave of class-pass, why not amp it up and go for a spin class? Although it isn’t a home-based activity, there are many local classes offered that provide a fantastic experience filled with rhythmic activity. Some places have lighted bikes, and an immersive virtual experience that allows you to feel like you are really cycling in the mountains.

Skincare routine is an important part of making your skin glow, but good skincare actually encompasses lifestyle as well including our diets, and exercises that provides anti-aging effects. Some say that the fountain of youth is actually salty!

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